Five Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success as a Landlord

Thursday 11 Mar 2021

You have a property manager in place for a reason, but without good cooperation from a landlord, they can’t always deliver the best experience for you (their client) & the tenant. Ultimately, it’s still your property, so your personal investment in taking care of it & your tenant is crucial. Here are the top 5 things you can do to ensure you become a great landlord:

Be responsive

Be available & responsive in emergencies so your property manager can provide fast & effective solutions. For non-urgent matters, please respond in a reasonable time frame.

Take care of your property & tenant

Be on top of things in the name of prevention. Read & act on the detailed property inspection reports provided. If an appliance is not running well, get it serviced. If something is noted as looking a little tired, request quotes to replace or upgrade it…… then budget for when this can be done.

Let the property manager do their job

Your property manager is your first port of call for all issues & any contact you have with the tenant should defer to them. If your property manager is not being as responsive as you’d like, escalate your issue to me, the Licensee. Communication is critical & if you ever feel there’s a shortfall, we want to correct that.

Respect boundaries

Please don’t turn up to do some gardening unannounced, don’t drop things off or knock on the door & surprise your tenant. Please arrange any access to the property or tenant via your property manager to ensure legislative requirements are met at all times.

Let the tenants live their lives

There is great value in respecting your tenants. Refusing reasonable requests for things like hooks, or planting some vegies or herbs affects their ability to make your property their home. Imagine not being able to hang photos & pictures in your own home! If they aren’t given the chance to make it theirs, why would they choose to stay longer term.

Happy investing!