New Listings are on the Rise...

Thursday 20 May 2021

If you’ve been holding off selling your home, for fear of becoming homeless, the market is finally sending the signal you’ve been looking for according to CoreLogic’s latest national home value data.

You’d be hard pressed to find anybody in Australia who isn’t aware that it’s a ‘vendor’s market’, and has been since June last year. Until now, one of the reasons is that so many homeowners are not prepared to sell, frightened they’ll not being able to find another home in a reasonable timeframe. That’s because advertised stock levels have been running at 25% below the five-year average, until late April at least.

However, the pendulum has swung somewhat, with new listings to market now well above average, relative to the past two years. This is positive news for those that would like to move, but have been discouraged by the degree of buyer competition they read about.

While advertised stock levels are still low, more property is flowing onto the market and relationships with the right local agents have never been more important. While any agent can sell a property in this market, only agents skilled and experienced at negotiating can maximise your end result. Remember you only get one chance at it.

If you are thinking of selling be careful with terms such as “off market sale” and “best and final offer negotiations” as these may not be in your best interest in the current market. To discuss the best way to sell your home to match market conditions, contact our experienced team for obligation free advice.